Our Environmental Policy


Here at Treasure Tree we take our responsibility to protect the environment very seriously. Everyone within the team (and that includes our own Treasure Tree employees and suppliers) knows that it is our mantra to “Strive to do no harm to the environment.”

On a daily and long-term basis, we are committed to

-Finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint

-Reducing the amount of materials we use throughout our business

-Recycling materials as much as possible

-Preventing pollution

-Complying with all relevant legal requirements

-Continually monitoring our entire business chain and repeatedly asking, “What can we do better?”

In the past 18 months we have

-Replaced our product tags with recycled paper tags

-Replaced our plastic tag loops with undyed, recycled cotton string

-Eliminated bubble-wrap from our production process

-Started using shredded office paper (from a local school and supermarket) to pad out wholesale orders and protect our goods in transit

We really appreciate your help in this effort too. When we pack your order, we use boxes that have been made from recycled cardboard. Some of your larger items may even be packed or wrapped in clean paper and cardboard that was previously used for another item. Any empty void space within the box will probably be padded out with shredded paper or crumpled newspaper.

If we do resort to using some bubble-wrap to protect your items, we kindly ask you to save this and any other packaging materials to safely re-store your decorations after Christmas.

From the big issues to the small, all of us need to do our part to help better protect the environment.